There are a wide variety of scenarios under which an individual may be quarantined, ranging from a voluntary self-quarantine without a COVID-19 diagnosis to a mandated quarantine with a diagnosis. If an individual is quarantined as directed by a licensed health professional or government agency, disability carriers will assess a claim for benefits as follows:

  • If the individual has been diagnosed with COVID-19 and is unable to work from home, they will remain insured and eligible under the group STD policy.
  • If the individual has not been diagnosed and is unable to work from home, they will retain coverage and eligibility under the STD policy should they eventually become disabled.
  • It is important to remember that under most STD policies a covered individual must be unable to work, either at their place of employment or from home, and must experience a loss of income to be eligible for STD benefits in all cases.

A self-quarantine or self-isolation without a diagnosis will not be covered by STD.

Please contact your disability carrier should you have any questions or concerns regarding if a claim should be filed.