You should self-quarantine for 14 days, staying at home and away from others as per CDC guidance. If your symptoms are not manageable, you are encouraged to seek medical attention from your healthcare provider if needed and contact the state health department. As in all cases when you are experiencing symptoms of a contagious illness, you should not report to work.

If you are unable to work due to illness, you should use Paid Time Off, as appropriate, until you have recovered. If you do not have enough accrued PTO, we are allowing employees to go into a “negative PTO” balance during this time. Extent of negative time is a care center liability. Unified recommends not more than 80 hours, as this is the duration of the quarantine period, but some may decide on fewer. Too few may discourage use.

Upon returning to work following an absence due to a personal illness, you may be required to provide a return-to-work clearance from your healthcare provider to your Care Center manager or to Human Resources. If you have any questions regarding the return to work process, you may contact Human Resources at or 561-300-2410 x504.

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