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Addressing Unmet Needs Today

Driving Change for Tomorrow

Addressing Unmet Needs Today

Driving Change for Tomorrow

Unified is a nationwide community of providers, operations specialists and thought leaders who look for the greatest opportunities to impact every woman’s health, at every stage of their journeys. We are unparalleled in our scale and ability to adapt to address unmet and underserved needs.

Through 815+ clinics, 23 IVF labs, nationwide telehealth capabilities and targeted case management, our 2,700+ independent, affiliated providers deliver comprehensive women’s health services and continuously work to implement methods and develop techniques or platforms that improve the healthcare experience.

We remain focused on enabling the discovery of new ways for our affiliated providers to deliver the high-quality care experience women deserve, in the ways they most wish to receive it, and collaborate across our community to make our vision a reality.

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IVF Labs

Virtual care in all

50 states

Exclusively Focused on

Women’s Health

Exclusively Focused on

Women’s Health

Unified believes that all women should receive the highest quality healthcare experience in the world.

That starts with involving women in discussions and decisions. Our affiliate providers listen to women, and in turn work collaboratively to educate, validate and empower each woman to make the best available healthcare choices for her.

We are strategic and collaborative in our approach with our affiliate providers, unmatched in scale and unwavering in our commitment to improving outcomes and experiences for a woman along every stage of her healthcare journey.

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ObGyn Medical

Unified empowers women’s health providers at 815+ locations to transform women’s healthcare experiences for their patients, while preserving clinical autonomy and supporting innovation and practice growth. With Unified focusing on the business of medicine, our affiliate ObGyns can focus solely on the practice of medicine. Our medical affiliates boast an average patient satisfaction rating of 4.8 out of 5 stars, and many have served local families for multiple generations.

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Fertility Care
& Research

Strategic partner CCRM Fertility and its affiliated practices are industry-leading pioneers in fertility treatment, research and science, offering its patients best-in-class care through its network of award-winning physicians. Thousands of patients have benefited from CCRM’s high success rates, personalized approach, life-changing research and leading fertility doctors. Nine out of 10 patients would recommend CCRM to family and friends.

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Gennev providers create a custom plan with evidence-based treatment to help women improve their quality of life in menopause. Its knowledgeable doctors, nutritionists and health coaches conveniently provide specialized care and support via telemedicine across all 50 U.S. states. 94% of Gennev patients report symptom relief in three months, and thousands of women report improvement in their quality of life.

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High-Risk Maternity
Care Management

Lucina leverages cutting-edge analytics to help identify more at-risk pregnancies in the first trimester. These powerful analytics enable earlier intervention, resulting in more timely and effective prenatal care and support that to help limit the possibility of complications during high-risk pregnancies and reduces racial disparities in outcomes. Lucina has helped national health plans lower pre-term birth rates and NICU utilization by 10%.

Explore Our Services

Explore Our Services

A Uniquely


Collaborative Approach

Healthcare is no longer as simple as the trusted relationship between a physician and patient. There is greater complexity than ever before for both the care providers and women seeking care, due to fragmented care delivery and lack of innovation.

By leveraging our healthcare operational experience and large network of affiliate clinicians, Unified can connect, centralize and optimize care, while re-establishing the importance of the physician-patient relationship and preserving a provider’s clinical autonomy.

We also provide the service and technology to advance healthcare experience delivery, while striving to create a comprehensive, collaborative care system for every health-related moment and milestone a woman experiences during her lifetime.

Unified Enables Healthcare Transformation Through

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Continuity of Care

Our vast network enables a team-based approach to care

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Our affiliate clinicians are available when, where and how patients seek care

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Tools & Technology

Our enterprise-wide solutions streamline care delivery