“What makes Unified different?” is an important question that physicians and medical groups ask us when they are looking for solutions to help sustain or grow their private practices. We believe in being transparent and open on the way we do business and are proud of the results-driven approach we take when working with our medical affiliates.

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The following are just a few ways in which
Unified Women’s Healthcare is unique in the marketplace:

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We believe that all women should receive the highest quality healthcare experience in the world. This is attainable only by keeping the doctor-patient relationship at the center of all decision making and supporting a culture that leverages physician leadership and input. Transforming women’s healthcare is all about Value-Based Care: a well-used term in today’s healthcare world, but often not truly understood or executed. Unified actively empowers physicians with the team, resources and opportunities to author the transformation of women’s healthcare in a physician-led way.

Healthcare is local, and having a national footprint allows for the sharing of best practices, relevance with national payors and extensive applied analytic advantages. Unified Women’s Healthcare is affiliated with the largest women’s healthcare organization in the United States, supporting more than 2,600 providers across 925+ locations. Unified-affiliated providers care for more than 3 million women each year and are proudly responsible for nearly 1 in every 23 births in the United States.

We also help deliver the kind of results that matter – improved experiences and satisfaction for patients as well as improved life/work balance and returns for physicians.

Our interprofessional team of business specialists is one of the most important drivers of our success. Unified builds up the legacy operations team structure – We don’t replace it. Our MSO services provide the best-in-class infrastructure that integrates our affiliate Care Centers across the United States. Our capital resources also allow for unique growth and ancillary development to expand a practice’s comprehensive offering in women’s healthcare.

Every medical group affiliated with Unified Women’s Healthcare is
physician-led and directed. Each has oversight on all clinical matters, including human resource decisions regarding providers, compensation plans and much more. We openly collaborate on growth initiatives aligned with the Corporate Practice of Medicine laws and regulations.

In the end, it comes down to relationships and the people with whom you collaborate. It is about trust, respect, and appreciation of everyone’s role in achieving a shared goal that is focused on better experiences for patients. Our medical affiliates focus on the practice of medicine while Unified focuses on the business of medicine. This combined effort is what will make our belief a reality.

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