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In the past five years, the Ob-Gyn subspecialty has become and remains one of the lowest paid in the United States. Ob-Gyns serve more Medicaid patients on a percentage basis than any other specialty and their role as a primary care giver is growing. These are challenging trends that can only be positively managed by becoming more relevant at both the local and national levels.

The UWH leadership believes that achieving these goals and fulfilling our vision is more attainable within a larger Ob-Gyn physician-owned and operated group. We believe that:

  • Size matters, and being affiliated with other like-minded doctors around the country will help guarantee our continued success.

  • Physicians achieve market relevance through network and market strength, powerful data and data sharing, and exemplary patient safety and outcomes.

  • By presenting a strong single specialty group, with a national voice and multistate data and results, we can achieve great results for our physician partners and their patients.

By affiliating with UWH you will soon have the strength of 1,000 Ob-Gyn providers taking up your issues, forging substantial economic clout on your behalf, delivering greater operating and IT efficiencies, and fighting for what is most important to you and your patients. For important issues on the local, state, and national levels, the size, strength, and influence of the national organization and the substantial backing of Unified Women’s Healthcare will positively influence the conversation.

Independence, Autonomy, Control

  • You will preserve the independent practice of medicine. By being part of a large, physician-owned, physician governed entity that has influence at the local, state, and national levels, you can remain much more in control of your own destiny.

  • You will preserve your autonomy. Being an equal voting shareholder (member) gives you freedom to govern yourself through your peers.

  • You will protect your income stability by being an integral part of a larger state and national organization which is relevant in payer decision making.

Managed care contracting is a small practice’s biggest challenge and where most Ob-Gyn’s lose the battle against inflation. Our professionals from the UPM management team work for you to obtain improved income stability and reasonable adjustments to your rate structure through strength and dialogue at the highest levels.

As value based contracting becomes the norm, shared savings, P4P and other performance based contracts require help in order to get a meaningful opportunity for participation. We promote cost effective care while rewarding the care giver – you.

Ancillary services offerings such as in office mammography are a direct result of our growing network, equipment rates that are the best in the nation and the ability to hire the right professionals to develop programs that work for you and your patients.

Better pricing for:

  • Supplies

  • Implantable devices

  • Medical malpractice

  • Health benefit plans

  • Practice Management Technology

Income protection, growth, and predictability are highly important to most Ob-Gyns. The best way to insure economic security now is to strengthen your organization by working with other physicians through Unified Women’s Healthcare.

By being a part of the nation’s largest Ob-Gyn Group you gain a greater voice with relevance and representation on issues that are important in private practice women’s healthcare. This voice will not only open doors to corporate offices of the national payers, but these conversations will get translated into local market action. All of this is being done to benefit you- the caregiver, and your patients.