Women's Health Associates of Southern Nevada

Founded in 2009, Women’s Health Associates of Southern Nevada is a leading group of qualified OB/GYN doctors who specialize in providing high-quality health care for women. Today, Women’s Health Associates of Southern Nevada has over 75 qualified OB/GYN doctors, midwives, and nurses, and 19 locations spanning across southern Nevada. They offer a full range of innovative techniques and technologies to promote and maintain good health practices through all phases of a woman’s life.

Desert Perinatal Associates logo

Desert Perinatal Associates is the premier high-risk pregnancy practice in Las Vegas, serving the community for more than 15 years. The physicians at Desert Perinatal Associates, with offices in Las Vegas and Henderson, share their knowledge, training, equipment, and expertise to care for women with high-risk pregnancies. The practice is a conglomeration of the most highly trained specialists from Las Vegas and across the country to offer world-class medical care. They combine extensive medical experience and the most advanced perinatal technology available with old-fashioned personalized patient care.

Proudly caring for 120,680+ patients in Nevada.