Value-Based Care may have a different meaning or definition depending on who you ask. It is also misunderstood or seen as an overly-complex formula. At Unified Women’s Healthcare, we remove the confusion and complexity that this term often carries by streamlining it through five pillars.

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The Five Pillars
of Value-Based Care

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Better Care
for Women

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Affordable Care

for Women

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Increased Prosperity
for Doctors and Staff

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for Doctors and Staff

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Through Shared Learning

The Unified Model of Value

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The Unified Model of Value has been strategically built for success through the collaboration and execution of physicians and business leaders. While many companies are simply talking about Value-Based Care, Unified is authoring the transformation of women’s healthcare with actionable analytics to evoke positive change.

Developing and executing a relevant value-based program attainable for physicians at a local level takes knowledge and experience. As a thought leader in this arena, Unified Women’s Healthcare possesses these attributes with proven success.

Components of Value-Based Care at Unified:
We have built our program around the following components:

  • Actionable Analytics
  • Medical Information Technology
  • Integration Coordination and Communication

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