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About 1 in 8 U.S. women (about 13%) will develop invasive breast cancer over the course of their lifetime.

We are committed to changing that.

Discover a new era of women’s health with Unified Breast Imaging Services – where excellence in technology, expertise, and personalized care converge to elevate the standard of breast health services.

Mammography FAQs

What are the benefits of partnering with to install in-office mammography in my private practice?2024-05-08T14:27:53-04:00

With Unified Breast Imaging Services, you gain access to board-certified Breast Radiologists who collaborate closely with physicians to create actionable insights and personalized care plans for your patients. Our mission is to empower healthcare providers like you to deliver the highest quality breast health services, seamlessly integrated into your practice.

The Program

  • A comprehensive solution for in-office mammography services
  • Utilizing to-of-the-line equipment and expert staff with exceptional standards of care
  • Facilitating access to Board Certified Breast Radiologists for physicians to develop actionable plans and personalized care for patients

The Experience

  • An intimate and familiar in-office environment
  • Offering a convenient one-stop solution for well-woman visits and annual screening mammograms

The Results

  • Enabling earlier detection of breast health issues through convenient, annual screenings
  • Providing value-based care with cost savings compared to hospital pricing structures
Will the quality of services provided be the same as or better than sending my patient to an external imaging center?2024-05-08T14:28:23-04:00

Unified Breast Imaging Services invites you to explore a modern frontier in women’s healthcare. Our comprehensive service offering comprises equipment procurement, radiology interpretation, operations managers, technologists, project managers, and healthcare industry experts from years of experience.

  • Equipment: Unified partners with the nation’s leading healthcare vendors to offer state-of-the-art 3D mammography (tomosynthesis) equipment and Breast Ultrasound equipment. The equipment is installed within the Practice, but it is owned, insured, operated, and maintained by Unified.
  • Technologists: Unified employs only experienced certified imaging technologists who are patient-centric, quality-driven and committed to service excellence. Many of our technologists have been in the healthcare profession for decades, specializing in mammography and breast health.
  • Radiologists: Unified only works with Board-certified radiologists who are properly credentialed and licensed to interpret your patients’ screening and diagnostic studies. Due to their individual experience and the sheer volume of studies they have read during their tenure with Unified, these independent radiologists are among the most qualified experts in Breast Health.
  • Operational Expertise: With decades of experience across the team, our operations Managers are experts in leading, training, and delivering screening and diagnostic 3D tomosynthesis, Breast ultrasound, and bone density services to your client base.
Are there promotional materials available to help educate my patients about the benefits of in-office 3D mammography?2023-09-25T15:49:30-04:00

Yes! We understand the importance of educating patients about the benefits of 3D mammography, and we provide comprehensive promotional materials to assist practices in this endeavor.

Practices partnering with us gain access to a wealth of resources from the manufacturer’s library of marketing materials.

In addition to these manufacturer-provided materials, we offer a Unified-provided Digital Marketing Toolkit. This toolkit equips practices with a range of digital assets, including social media posts, email banners, and other digital resources. These assets are invaluable for reaching out to patients through various online channels, helping practices engage and educate their patient base efficiently.

Our aim is to make the process of patient education as seamless as possible for our partner practices. By providing these marketing materials and digital tools, we enable practices to focus their valuable time and resources on delivering excellent patient care while ensuring that patients are well-informed about the advantages of 3D mammography.

We are committed to supporting your efforts in providing the highest quality care and promoting breast health awareness.

Discovering Hope: Real-World Mammography Stories at Our Affiliated Providers

I was very pleased with my experience at this visit. I was surprised and especially happy that I was able to get my mammogram done the same day.
Obstetrics & Gynecology Associates
I was impressed that the office called to offer a mammogram appointment at their facility on the same day as my exam. Being new to the practice, I was not aware that this option existed. This made it very convenient.
Women's Comprehensive Health Care
I came in for a mammogram, and after I went to the receptionist and told her about a pain I was having, and she found me a doctor who was free to see me right away. I didn’t even have to go home. Thank you so much it was very convenient.
Physicians for Women
I was worried sick about something I had found on my breast. Dr. Pass not only put me at ease, but I was so excited to get an ultrasound and mammogram that same visit.
OBGYN Specialists of the Palm Beaches
I like the professionalism, the quick check in process and the fact that I can now get my mammogram in one location.
Genesis OBGYN

Featured Story: Wellington Mammography

Early detection saves lives.
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