Unified Mammography Services℠ invites you to explore a modern frontier in women’s healthcare. Our comprehensive service offering comprises equipment procurement, radiology interpretation, operations managers, technologists, project managers, and healthcare industry experts from years of experience.

  • Equipment: Unified partners with the nation’s leading healthcare vendors to offer state-of-the-art 3D mammography (tomosynthesis) equipment and Breast Ultrasound equipment. The equipment is installed within the Practice, but it is owned, insured, operated, and maintained by Unified.
  • Technologists: Unified employs only experienced certified imaging technologists who are patient-centric, quality-driven and committed to service excellence. Many of our technologists have been in the healthcare profession for decades, specializing in mammography and breast health.
  • Radiologists: Unified only works with Board-certified radiologists who are properly credentialed and licensed to interpret your patients’ screening and diagnostic studies. Due to their individual experience and the sheer volume of studies they have read during their tenure with Unified, these independent radiologists are among the most qualified experts in Breast Health.
  • Operational Expertise: With decades of experience across the team, our operations Managers are experts in leading, training, and delivering screening and diagnostic 3D tomosynthesis, Breast ultrasound, and bone density services to your client base.