Lifeline Medical Associates is the premier private Ob-Gyn practice in New Jersey and Delaware, with more than 175 providers in 54 Care Centers across 15 counties in both states. Established in 1997, Lifeline is led by a talented group of accomplished physicians and business leaders providing high-quality medical care in their communities.

Lifeline was a founding member of the U.S. Women’s Health Alliance, a national organization that helps private practices thrive while delivering high quality and affordable healthcare to women. Lifeline has been a driving force in its expansion and development of innovative approaches to value-based contracting.

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Jack Feltz, MD

Market President

Rhona Magaril, MD

Medical Director

Karen Ryer

Chief Operating Officer

Since we affiliated with Unified in 2018, we have experienced superb collaboration, peer knowledge sharing and a demonstrated commitment to our success. With the support from Unified, our Lifeline Medical Associates employees have the added security and strength to proactively manage each practice in the most efficient and effective manner. With insights into practice expansion and innovation, our team has been empowered to help us enhance and grow. Operating a medical practice today is highly complex. With this affiliation, we are able to sustain the foundation we have put in place on behalf of our practices and our patients and we will surely continue to grow.

Karen Ryer · Chief Operationg Officer, Lifeline Medical Associates