The Unified vision is simple, yet bold — For all women to have the best healthcare in the world. Unified understands that for this to come true, we must go beyond the traditional management services organization and practice management platforms. That’s why we collaborate with industry experts and invest in companies with a broader reach into women’s healthcare than even our own. In short, Unified leverages innovation to pioneer the future of healthcare.

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Innovations That Advance Women’s Healthcare

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Unified is constantly evaluating meaningful business opportunities that would innovate the way healthcare is delivered by our practice affiliates as well as the greater medical community across the United States. Unified’s focus on innovation complements our existing operations advancement services, practice growth platforms, and value transformation initiatives. Unified proactively seeks strategic partnerships and business acquisitions that align with our company goals and remain open to proven technology that will advance patient care.

Unified’s focus and priority is to serve the medical affiliates of the Unified ObGyn network and give each Unified affiliate the support they need to deliver the best healthcare in the world. Through our additional investments and company expansion in technology and innovation, Unified hopes to make a substantial impact on the greater community of patients because it’s Unified’s goal for all women to receive the highest and most thoughtful level of care possible.

About Lucina Analytics

As part of its Diversified Business Group, Unified Women’s Healthcare acquired Lucina Analytics, the nation’s leading maternity analytics solution. Lucina uses analytical insights and advanced algorithms to identify and engage women who may be at risk for adverse outcomes during pregnancy. This innovative platform allows health plans, health care providers, and community health workers to focus on care management that positively impacts both the quality and affordability of women’s healthcare.

According to the March of Dimes, “premature birth (birth before 37 weeks of pregnancy) and its complications are the number one cause of death of babies in the United States”. While eliminating preterm birth is not an achievable goal in the near future, increasing gestational age incrementally for almost every child born in each state is.

The Lucina solution has consistently been able to identify approximately 80% of a health plan’s pregnant mothers in the first and second trimesters. Lucina also looks to increase gestational age and reduce NICU average length of stay (ALOS) for plans by helping them identify and create successful interventions for high-risk moms throughout their pregnancies. While using the Lucina solution, a development partner MCO was able to reduce preterm births by 10% and reduce NICU ALOS by 2.3 days year over year. Anecdotally, Lucina looks to hear from care managers that the solution is making their work more efficient and productive.

The United States is challenged by one of the highest rates of infant and maternal mortality among developed nations. Lucina Analytics’ main advantage is being laser-focused on maternity care, where other analytics companies may be working on all conditions across the spectrum (diabetes, cardiac conditions, etc.). Lucina also devles deeper into daily claims data to find moms earlier. Often times, Lucina is able to identify high-risk mothers before they have even shown up to the ObGyn office to be seen for a pregnancy. Lucina’s technology has a positive impact for both mom and baby in the short term, but also serves to create healthier communities over time.

Additionally, successful health plans are focusing on the “4th trimester” when a mom’s health is still at-risk and a baby’s future hangs in the balance. Follow-up after delivery is even more important for the mothers identified through Lucina’s technology, as mothers with a past preterm birth tend to deliver future children prior to term. Lucina’s solution allows the plan to continue outreach with moms throughout the continuum of care.

Beyond that, Lucina’s business process experts are able look at the way a plan deals with high-risk pregnancies and help the plan eliminate inefficiencies to make the most of each care manager’s workday. Lucina’s proprietary care plans may also be tailored to each mom within a health plan to help the care manager make the greatest impact.

Today Lucina is helping Unified reach women, that are not able to visit one of our affiliated providers, to get better care. As it grows, Lucina’s solution will help even more moms and their babies. Lucina continues to develop its platform and tools allowing partners to be successful in leading the transformation of women’s healthcare from fee for service to value-based arrangements. While Lucina has integrated into the Unified business model, its independent operating practices continue, ensuring the protection of privacy and data of all parties.

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