UWH of Texas became part of the Unified network in 2015 and quickly grew to become the state’s largest single-specialty Ob-Gyn group. Comprised of more than 60 practices across the State of Texas, our physicians have the tools and support they need to enjoy their day-to-day work life while being part of something bigger. Unified provides an alternative model through which Ob-Gyn physicians can remain in private practice rather than joining a hospital system or multi-specialty group that is not singularly focused. Many Texas practices also provide in-office mammography services.

Unified Women’s Healthcare Texas

Steven A. Suba, MD

UWH of Texas President

Allan Boshell

Market President

Unified Women’s Healthcare Texas is an attractive group to Ob-Gyn physicians because it allows them to focus on what is most important to them: caring for their patients. The other practice options don’t focus as strongly on the specific needs of Ob-Gyn as a specialty. Having a strong management group while remaining in private practice with independence and autonomy was very important to me. Our goal is to enable and empower our physicians to spend more time with each patient and concentrate on the practice of medicine. We provide the support, tools, and technology that position our doctors to be best of the breed in today’s value-based payment environment.

Steven A. Suba, MD · Unified Women’s Healthcare Texas